Professional carpet cleaner steam cleans a carpet in summer

Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Carpet Cleaning

Everything you need to know about Summer Carpet Cleaning

With the arrival of summer season, this brings an additional benefit aside from good weather, vacations and sun. This is also the best time of the season to take the summer advantage and do some carpet cleaning. 

When you choose to clean your carpets in summer there are a plethora of benefits which can include combatting those pesky summer allergens and toxins. 

Below is a guide to help keep your carpets looking their absolute best and what to keep in  mind when it comes down to summer cleaning.

What are some benefits of summer carpet cleaning?

Help with Allergens 

If you’re a person who loves to have their windows opened during summer or are some who prefers to blast the A/C, this can expose your carpets to a multitude of dirty elements like pollen, exhaust fumes, allergens, bacteria and more. 

All this activity will take a toll on your carpets and even your upholstery too, since these are the most sponge-like surfaces in a home. If you find your allergies are becoming a little more persistent, the culprit may be your carpets. By professionally cleaning your carpets (and upholstery), it removes irritants like pollen, dust mites and dust that has accumulated over the past season and lives deep within these surfaces.

After cleaning your carpets you’ll also notice not only an aesthetic difference, but one in the air quality as well. 

Faster Drying Time

One of the most obvious and clear benefits of summer carpet cleaning is the speed in which your carpet will dry. The warmer temperatures will help your carpets dry much faster which minimizes the downtime you would need to stay off your rugs. As long as you have good airflow in your home, your drying time should  be significantly reduced.


Carpet cleaning to the home is what a facelift is to people. It will help your home feel refreshed, clean and bright. Another benefit of summer carpet cleaning is that it will also help extend the life of your carpets while removing and reducing any lingering odours that may be trapped in the fibres. 

Best tips for Summer carpet cleaning

No shoes allowed 

Summertime tends to bring more people through your doors. Regardless of if your guest or housemates are coming in from the beach,  BBQs, or the park, they will be bringing in sand, grass clippings and dirt on their feet and shoes.  This increase in traffic can easily be mediated by implementing a no shoe rule and having a regular vacuum routine. 

Use welcome mats 

Doormats are another great way to help keep your carpets looking great in summer. They give your guests a chance to wipe their feet before entering your space. A good coarse mat on the interior and exterior of entrances should help keep your carpets clean. 

Take advantage of professional summer carpet cleaning 

The last tip is to take advantage of the best season to have professional carpet cleaners help you clean your carpets. Summer is the best season for a number of reasons as listed above. By choosing a professional carpet cleaner you get access to the best equipment that goes beyond standard residential cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners have access to high quality equipment, products and have extensive knowledge of different carpet materials. 

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