What’s Included in a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Quote?

Commercial carpet cleaning in Calgary is usually seen in spaces like office buildings. Yet, the term “commercial” refers to the types of businesses and industries that require this type of service to keep their facilities clean, safe, and presentable. Commercial carpets are different from residential carpets as they must withstand heavy foot traffic throughout regular hours without showing any wear or tear on them. 

Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Just like how you keep your carpet clean at home, it’s just as important, if not more so, for commercial spaces to have their carpets clean. A commercial building has people going in and out of it all day. Within a day, you would be surprised how quickly a carpet can trap dirt, debris, and potentially disease-carrying organisms in a place – much less leave it all sit within months or even years! Plus, dirty carpets are never a good look since those coming into your building might be put off by their appearance and bad impression. 

By having professional commercial carpet cleaning, you can ensure you leave a good impression and provide a more hygienic environment that’s free of germs and pollutants. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost Factors 

All commercial spaces are different. In which case, all commercial carpet cleaning quotes will not be the same. It’s even more apparent with some carpet cleaning companies that charge hourly or per square foot. These are factored into a quote: building size, age and condition of floors, and type of flooring. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Inclusions

Depending on your carpet cleaning needs, these might be included in your quote for a commercial carpet cleaning. 

Steaming Cleaning 

Considered a deep cleaning method, it takes a lot more time to do since the machines used move at a slower pace. As a result, this particular carpet cleaning service can be expensive, especially if you have a big space that needs a deep cleaning. 

Chemical Cleaning 

Not considered a deep clean, but this method uses a chemical solution to help remove dirt from the carpet. It uses significantly less water and is less expensive than steam cleaning. 

Stain Removal

The cost of stain removal can vary. It can be less expensive if you deal with tiny, easy-to-remove stains. However, it can get pricier if there are difficult stains like oil or persistent odours since it will take more effort to try and remove. 

Minor Repairs

Depending on the carpet cleaning service, they can also do minor repair work. Naturally, the severity of damage will dictate the cost and be added to your quote. 

When nothing less than the deepest clean will do, come to Urban West for all of your carpet cleaning needs in Calgary. Our team is experienced in cleaning carpet and upholstery in a variety of carpeted settings, including the common rooms of condominiums and apartments, businesses, and other commercial structures. We are ready to respond, including evenings and weekends, and to provide after-hours services. As move-in and move-out cleaners in Calgary, we can even manage the most difficult assignments. Contact our staff immediately at 587-900-5353 to see how your floors should look!

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