a male cleaning contractor steam cleans an office carpet in a empty office in between tenants.

Do All Carpet Cleaners Use Steam?

Carpet cleaning equipment in the hands of expert carpet cleaners can get a lot done and get your commercial or residential carpets looking new. But sometimes customers ask us if there are other options. Steam is excellent for cleansing deeply ingrained dirt and grime, but it can be hard on more delicate fibres. This post will answer a frequently asked question: do all carpet cleaners use steam?

What Types of Carpet Cleaners Use Steam?

Shampooers are popular retail carpet cleaners that don’t use steam. They actually use warm water mixed with soap to create a solution that the shampooing equipment evenly applies to the carpet with each stroke. It can then vacuum residue after it dries. A revolving or swishing motion brush then works the shampoo or foam into the fibres to loosen the dirt.


The downside to regular use of this type of carpet cleaner is that sometimes this process can inundate the carpet with moisture, which prolongs drying times, and the brush can damage delicate carpet fibres.


On the other hand, Steamers blast warm to hot water to dislodge debris in your carpet, then remove the filth from the fibres with strong suction and transport it to a holding tank.


While the term “steamer” indicates that the steamer will clean your carpet with vaporized water, a steamer actually cleans your carpet with warm to hot water. The dirt is forced from the carpet fibres by heavy spray, which is quickly sucked up by a vacuum near the jet.

Do Carpet Cleaners in Calgary Rely on Steam Cleaners?

Close up of an operating vacuum carpet cleaner head, where water with a cleaning solution is sprayed on to the carpet and then sucked back into the machine.

Professional carpet cleaners in Calgary use the best tools at their disposal, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of steam.

In our cleaning packages, we centre everything around the steam clean, from our most basic package to our best. We have nothing against shampooers, but we’ve found in our professional experience that our steam cleaners complement other cleaning techniques in the package much more readily than shampooing equipment might.

For us, it’s an easy choice to preserve our commercial clients’ carpeting, as a replacement should come on time rather than ahead of schedule. If you need a shampooer, please be advised that the heavy brushing of shampooing and the potential for water damage are serious risks to the long life of your carpets.

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